Italics everywhere

I’m not 100% sure if this is intentional or a bug, but everywhere I look, I see italics.

I have “Lucida Grande” selected in my “Stories” preferences, and it’s all italics everywhere. But frankly, I hate both the italic Lucida Grande, and the “normal” Georgia font. I’d love to see Open Sans, or at least some non-serif non-italic font.

I hope the italic Lucida is some kind of bug on my end.


I’ve had a look at the CSS and there’s no italics anywhere. Apparently this is how my Chrome (on Windows) renders “Lucida Sans” for whatever reason.

Here’s a screenshot:

In Firefox, everything is bolded instead. Here’s what the font looks like in FireBug:

Something’s rather broken on this machine… or is it like this for everyone?

Apparently this problem occurs on Windows machines if you previously had Adobe CS4 installed (it has an Italic version of the font by default.)…

I solved it by closing Chrome and deleting all of the “Lucida Sans” fonts from my system.

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Thanks so much Andrew!