It is way too easy to mark all posts as read

There is some keyboard shortcut (I think involving the spacebar and a directional key?) that is far, far too easy to accidentally hit, and there is no ‘are you sure’ dialog where you can cancel the action. I’ve hit this unfortunate shortcut twice in the last couple weeks, and every time I do I lose track of what I have or have not read.


If you can be specific with which keyboard shortcut, I’d love to know so I can add a confirmation dialog. There is already an option to add a confirmation dialog in Preferences.

I also have made it easy to mark a *folder* as read, but marking everything as read requires a confirmation by default.

Looking through the list of keyboard shortcuts, my best guess that the shortcut I’ve hit is ‘shift + b’, and I’ve been unlucky enough to be over one of the few most recent stories. Playing around, I did see the confirmation for ‘shift + a’ (thanks!) but not one for ‘shift + b’. 

Thank you for the exact info I needed. I just added a confirmation when marking > 100 stories as read at a time using directions (older/newer stories – shift+y or shift+b).


It worked for me. Thanks!

I’ll re-open this if I ever accidentally hit a different keyboard shortcut that marks all as read again. For now, this seems fixed to me.