Issues with trying out a recommended site

I went ahead and decided to try out the recommended site (Re/code) on the home page.

After clicking on the feed name added in the left pane, and checking out a few articles, I decided I liked it enough to subscribe. Except I couldn’t quickly find one.

I ended up going back to the home page, and clicking the subscribe button in the recommendation area.

The next issue I ran into was that after subscribing to the feed in this way, I ended up with a feed in my folders on the left which had no displayed name, apparently because it was also still displaying the feed for tryout purposes (with an entry at the very top).

Reloading Newsblur was how I fixed that anoyance.


  1. Add a prominent subscribe button (or equivalent) when trying out a feed.
  2. If you subscribe to a feed being tried out, remove the tryout version of the feed from the left pane (or it so the feed can be listed twice)
  1. There should be a prominent subscribe button at the bottom of the screen while you’re reading the site. You can test it out by visiting any site you don’t subscribe to, like this:…

  2. This must’ve just broken. I’ll get it fixed right now.

And fixed. If you want to test it out, just delete the feed, reload the page, and resubscribe and everything should work perfectly. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks. I must not have noticed the big green button at the bottom (I was looking to the top).