Issue with Newsblur and the LastPass Chrome extension?

For the last week or so I’ve been having an issue when I load up NewsBlur, all my stories show on the right pane but then that area flashes and all the stories vanish.

I tried loading NewsBlur in incognito mode in Chrome and everything worked as it should which led me to believe it’s a extension I have installed that’s causing the issue.

So I disabled all my extensions, re-enabled them one by one and reloaded the page. When I enabled the LastPass extension (version 3.1.33) the issue started happening again.

Here’s a video of the issue happening in case I didn’t explain the problem very well.…

Was just wondering if this is an issue with the site or an issue with the extension and/or if anyone else can using the normal branch of Chrome along with the LastPass extension can confirm this is an issue?

Chrome version: 35.0.1916.153 m
LastPass version: 3.1.33

This isn’t an end of the world issue as I can generally get the site to work correctly with the extension installed if I click the All Site Stories bar a few times to reload the right hand section.

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I use LastPass extension in chrome and no issues. Have you changed any settings from the default setup maybe? Or is it detecting something it thinks is a login box?

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Now that you mention it, the default LastPass method of saving wasn’t working properly so I used the save all entered data option.

I deleted my saved password in LastPass and the issue is fixed.

Weird, would never have thought it would be the way I saved my password in LastPass that would have caused this issue.

Might be the url you had linked for the login page was wrong so it’s trying to login on the story screen

I use LastPass in Chrome and have never seen what you describe, fwiw.