Issue after re-uploading OPML file

I have a question relating to some feeds being hidden. Ever since I uploaded my reorganized OPML file, some feeds are missing. I can only see these feeds in the Android app Blar, as uncategorized. All my other feeds are in a folder, except for these feeds I can only see thru the Android app, tho they were listed in a folder in the OPML file I imported. Not too familiar w/ the Newsblur API so not sure how to troubleshoot this more.

If it’s as simple as deleting the hidden feeds thru the Android app and then re-adding them to the correct folder, not a big deal, but figured I would raise attention anyway to this if it’s a bug or has an easy fix.

Thanks in advance & keep up the great work

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Just a quick question: are you hiding feeds with no unread stories? You can turn this on/off in Preferences, or by clicking on the “X Sites” link at the top of your site list on the left.

Otherwise, what’s your username? How many feeds are you expecting to see, and how many do you see? If you like, send me your OPML file:

I’m not hiding feeds with no unread stories. The # of feeds discrepancy is - at the top of my site list, it says ‘312 sites’ and on the dashboard by ‘Premium Account’ it says ‘384 sites.’ These missing sites are the uncategorized sites I’m seeing w/ unread stories thru the Blar app, but not thru the standard desktop browser interface. User name is .

When I export my OPML file now, the missing sites are not there. Also, I’ve added sites since re-importing my OPML file, so I’d rather not start from scratch w/ that file as I’ll be missing my most recent subscriptions.


So I fixed it, but right now I made it so you have to run it per-user. I can run it on your account and it will surface 72 orphan feeds. I was going to just add them to the top level, outside of any folders, but that may be ugly. Would you prefer a new folder called “Orphans”? Eh, I’ll just add them to your account. Let me know if that’s weird or you would like me to move them to a folder.

Oh, here’s the commit:…. This checks for orphan feeds.

Thank you! Ya that works, can do the reorganizing on my own.

Thanks again for the quick response, keep up the great work