Is there an issue with the iPad app?

I have 1136 unread articles. That number is correctly listed on the start page, as are the number of unread articles in the individual feeds. When I click on “all stories”, it says “loading” for 1-2 seconds and then I get an empty screen with the NewsBlur logo. 3G, WiFi, reinstalling the app, nothing seems to make a difference. It was working fine this morning.


It is working again now.

Hmm, spoke too soon. I have 2 premium accounts, it works fine on one, but not the other.

What’s the username of the non-working account? I’d love to take a look. Especially as I’m deep in this code today with the offline iOS work that soon to ship.

The usernames are rchportland and globaltradebuzz. Right now, neither one is working (iPad, that is; web interface is fine). When this happened last night, I ended up using the web interface for a while, then went back to my iPad, at which point things were fine again on the iPad. Not sure, but it almost seemed like using the web interface “triggered” something that helped “unblock” the iPad app.

Anyone else having the same issues with the iPad app?

Any progress on this? Is it just me or do others have the same problem? The iPad app is pretty much useless for me at this point.

Let’s stick with one account. Is the web working for that account?

rchportland, yes

This appears to somehow be related to the number of unread stories. For the first time in quite a few days, my unread count is below 50 in this account. Lo and behold, for the first time in days the iPad app is actually working. Coincidence? Maybe, but I thought I would mention it.

Not trying to be a pain, but the iPad app is of no use to me now. As soon as the unread count exceeds more than a couple hundred, it simply will not work. I really like NewsBlur and I will happily continue using the web interface, but I am hopeful that once things quiet down a bit, someone will look into this.

Is it only a specific feed? Only All Site Stories?

Only all stories