Is there a widget or special link I could use on my site/feed like "follow/read/open this site in newsblur" ?

I have a blog, I would like to encourage readers to use Newsblur to follow it. Is there a shorthand link like that I could use so when you clicked on it, the specific site opened up in Newsblur?

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There’s a link, which you’ll find right at the bottom of “goodies and mobile apps”:…

It doesn’t seem to do anything useful if you’re logged out, though.

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So the best way to do this is to share the link that newsblur gives you when you open the site in newsblur.

For logged out users, they’ll see the feed and a big SIGNUP button at the bottom. For logged in users, they’ll see the feed and a big SUBSCRIBE button.…

Hmm, but logged-out users also see a bunch of confusing stuff they never asked for that looks a lot like they have accidentally accessed someone else’s account! I think it would be better if that view didn’t have all those default subscriptions, it seems overwhelming to ask a new user to figure out how to delete all that.