Is there a way to show subreddits as rss feeds?

I tried to add “.rss” as described on many sites talking about this feature on reddit:
How to Get an RSS Feed For Any Subreddit (

But when I add a new site in newsblur, I see the ‘progress circle’ going on forever and not adding the site in my list.

That should work. I just tried with two different subreddits and it worked.

More info straight from reddit here

If that still doesn’t work, post the actual URL you are trying to add.

There is also:

Which offers a bit more flexibility - especially if you are subbed to high volume subreddits.

I would recommend using the following format to only see ‘top’ posts:

e.g. top scoring links : formula1

(note the dot before rss)


I don’t think the slash-dot is necessary, this works:

Can also do ‘new’:

or searches:

I use searches on some marketplace type groups- can find a product you’re looking for, or something that is being sold near you.