Is there a way to get TechMeme/Memeorandum/Ballbug to display the story instead of the homepage?

I’m a big fan of Gabe Rivera’s aggregation sites, but when I use their feeds on NewsBlur I don’t get the stories themselves in the “story” tab, but instead just links to the boxes on the site homepages. Is this something about the RSS design of those sites that cannot be overcome, or is there a way to make it work so it gives me the full stories to read, in the same way the Hacker News feeds do?

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That’s because the RSS publisher is linking to themselves. You’ll need a pipe to parse and link to the correct outgoing site. Yahoo! Pipes might be of use here. But I don’t think it updates as often.

It’s a reader hostile setting and it deserves to be changed if the publisher offers no commentary.

That’s what I figured, but I didn’t know what black magic you were working on the back end. Thanks!

In order to handle keyboard shortcuts and measure where you’re scrolling on the Original view I have to serve a proxy of every site you subscribe to. I inject a BASE tag into the Original page so assets are served correctly, and relative links go to the right place.

At this stage, I could possibly have rewrite rules for things like which page to link to, but that’s an enormous task. Well, not enormous, but highly specific.

A future feature I’m hoping to build soon is the Text view, which performs a Readability-style extraction of the Text from the Story page. But that redirection pipe would still have to come before this stage.