is there a way to customize the dashboard?

I would like to be able to customize the dashboard so that some selection of stories show in the main pane rather than news about newsblur. I’d like the option to see news about newsblur, but I want to my stories as the default.


I don’t understand. Your stories are in your feeds. Why would you want them where you don’t have any underlying knowledge of why they’re there?

Disclaimer: I never liked the way Google Reader did things. I was a NetNewsWire guy for years before I wrote NewsBlur.

Yeah, huh, I guess what I’d really like is just a wall of text of my folders and nothing else, and then when I navigate in to them I get to see posts. Thing of how things looked if you ever used slrn or trn as an analogy. simple like that.

google reader didn’t do a great job of the landing page either. I think probably what might be livable would be for me to be able to select one of the folders as the default open thing with a list of unread subscriptions.

…I realize not everyone organizes things like I do. I tend to group things in folders (tech, science, brains, sf, etc.) and don’t usually have individual feeds at the top level. so my use case isn’t universal. But doesn’t hurt to ask, no?