Is there a way to automatically have stories marked as disliked read?

Today I noticed that I had annoying audio playing somewhere automatically in my feed and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Once I got to the end of all of my stories, I noticed that I had 85 items hidden, and the audio was playing from one of those items. Since they’re hidden for a reason, I don’t really care if those stories are automatically marked as read, but having to listen to automatically playing videos that are hidden from view and you can’t find the source until you’ve read everything then have to go play with the stuff I don’t want to see is a bit of a pain. Can we somehow change the setting for items we want to hide to be marked as read earlier? Perhaps within an hour or even earlier if possible? I would rather have that number always be as close to zero as possible and if we can have the things we don’t want seen automatically read and vanish, that would be pretty fantastic.

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Just trying to give this a bump as it’s still happening for me. I’m not sure if it would be possible to even set up a button like the “liked only” or “all stories” buttons. Putting a red light down there so I could view disliked only then mark all as read would be one way to solve the problem I guess. I understand automating it to mark as read immediately or within X minutes might be a lot to ask for so maybe adding that view as a filter could help? Or is there a way to do this that already exists that I just don’t know about? Any help would really be appreciated.

Seems you already get to a state where all you have left are the hidden stories, can’t you just mark them as read at that point? Far as I know the mark all as read button applies to all kinds of stories so if there’s only hidden ones left clicking mark all as read should clear them out.

Yes… but the problem is that audio/media starts playing from the hidden stories once I first click on my unread stories. The picture here was just showing that the audio was coming from a hidden story (the red circles around the unread hidden count at the bottom as well as the active speaker at the top of the browser tab). So there could be days where there are ~200 unread stories with ~80 hidden, then audio starts playing over everything that I can’t see until I’ve scrolled through every story. All of this is with attempting to disable any additional plugins that may autostart media in the browser as well. It gets annoying when a video from a feed starts to play from a source you are already hiding that you can’t stop since it’s hidden from view. The other alternative is not hiding anything so I can eventually stumble across what’s playing and stop it, but that defeats the whole point of filtering, no?

For those feeds with auto-playing audio, I suggest switching to the List or Grid view so that only a single story is displayed at once. Alternatively, click the Style popover in the bottom right and switch to Single Story mode.