Is there a setting to turn off intelligence entirely?

Second and last thought of the day: Is there a way to turn off intelligence entirely? Obviously if I set the button to show all 3 colors and don’t actually use any of the tagging, this will do it, but I still end up with a title of “0/74/0.” I carefully curate my feeds already, so I’m just looking to clean up the UI a bit.

Anyway, great work.


So you just want the title to be cleaned up, right? Turning off intelligence could potentially remove all of the training functionality, but I don’t see that as negotiable. But tidying up the title is something I would be amenable to. But how do I shorten it? If you’ve never trained anything before? If it’s 0/X/0? Actually, I could see how having a 0 for both green and red would just cut them both out.

Deployed. Here’s the code:…

Hey, that was fast, thanks!

Sorry, I could have been more clear. Maybe this is weird, but I’m actually not interested in any of the training/filtering functionality and don’t use it (i.e. show all 3 colors, don’t use any keywords, etc). As long as the upcoming auto-training functionality (mentioned in the FAQ) doesn’t force filtering on people like me, I’ll be happy. =)