Is there a limit on INTELLIGENCE TRAINER?

Hi samuel, as you can see in the picture, I set 2453 dislikes for a site.
But this site wouldn’t work automatically (maybe since after 2400+ dislikes), I have to manually INSTA-FETCH STORIES. The website or rss url isn’t the problem, I have been tested many times.
I know it’s kind of crazy, but also proves how my life depends on Newsblur.
Should I remove some dislikes, or you can fix it? Thanks anyway.

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It’s probably not the trainer, since there is no limit. What’s the url of the feed when you open it on the web?

I’m not sure how you’re using them, but if you find you block more things than you read, you might try blocking the entire feed (marking it red / “training it down”) and then “training up” the keywords and tags that you like. It works fairly well but it can get intense on your system if the feed publishes lots of stuff at a time.

Thanks for the tips. I read everything I have subscribed. So I’m good with my way and only use the “training it down” function.

Yep, you’re hitting a limit. It’s based on time. It is taking longer than 5 seconds to count your unreads for this feed, which is what’s causing this issue. You’re going to have to delete title tags until it works again, unfortunately.

I will do that. Thanks.