is the site down? i get the main page but nothing else works


looks like newsblur now does not work with my older version of chrome.

For me, I can see the start page (with the new features, stats, etc), but the side menu does not load, so I cannot access my feeds.

I seem to be getting feeds on my Android app, however.

This has to do with the new Organizer, which carries a bunch of other changes with it. I’d love to fix older versions of Chrome and Safari, I just need to identify the issue. It’ll get fixed today I hope.

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Ok, try now. Fixed that errant line.

Thanks for responding so quickly, but it’s still a no-go for me. This is what I’m getting on Chrome 39 on Win8.1:

Press Shift+U to un-hide the site list.

Can you check the developer console and tell me what error you see?

Is this what you need?

I just checked again and it appears to be working now. Thank you so much Sam!

seems to be working now. thank you