Is newsblur incompatible with Ars Technica?

What is up with Ars Technica? Longtime Google Reader user here and I’ve never had a problem with Ars and Reader. But on newsblur it’s always broken, either I wants me to reset the URL to make the fetch work, or it doesn’t get all the stories, or it just say “Oops there has been an error!” this is one of my key sites.


I’ve read Ars with Newsblur daily since I joined a couple of months back, never had any trouble with the feed. Never needed to reset it or anything.

I’ve also always had Ars on NewsBlur, but never any problems with it.

Are you subscribed to this ArsTechnica?…

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I have also been having intermittent problems with Ars Technica.

I use the feed URL “…”. Is anyone using a different URL that works better?

Ah, the difference a trailing / makes.

Thanks Samuel, seems to have fixed it for me.

I have a problem with Ars Technica as well, In google reader, I was subscribed not to the Ars Technica main feed but to… (“Opposable Thumbs”). When I imported into Newsblur, I seem to have wound up with the main Ars feed. At least, I don’t recall intentionally subscribing to it.

I deleted it and re-added the Opposable Thumbs feed, and it appears, but as [Untitled] and says “Feed has no original page. (404)”

You can usually correct these things by right-clicking on the feed and opening SIte Settings.

I reset the ‘site’ to the URL Sam gave above. That brought back the feed from the error, and so far so good.

I had the same problem with Ars Technica - it started acting up a few days ago. I removed the trailing “/” as suggested above and now it seems to be working.

However that trailing “/” shouldn’t have been there - it wasn’t there originally (according to a backup OPML file I saved a while ago). So this seems to be another case of NewsBlur gratuitously changing the RSS URL.