Is it possible to export my feeds as an OPML file?

I am trying to export my feeds as an OPML file but have not been able to find an option to do so. I guess I must be missing something terribly obvious, so could someone please help me out? Thanks.

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Here you go:

  • Click on the little gear icon on the bottom left
  • Select Preferences
  • In the Preferences window, scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Click on “Download as OPLM”

I’ve been considering a premium service that emails you your OPML file once a week/month/quarter. As in, premium users get the service for free. Good idea?

Yes, I thought about that yesterday. Would make a simple backup solution. Let us configure week/month/quarter. And include the saved stories somehow.

Thanks, Onkelpuck!

Samuel: personally I wouldn’t be too interested, but I can imagine that there would be some demand for it

Samuel: good idea but personally I don’t see it hi on the priority list.

Samuel: good to see you in this ‘Get Satisfaction Question’ because I was having two issues/questions related to the OPML file:

  1. Can you “import” an OPML file after you have started using Newsblur? Last week I could not upload the OPML file due to server overload and now I don’t see the option to manually upload the OMPL file.

  2. When you “export” the OPML file does it export the folders and subfolder structure of just the feeds and feed names?

It exports the whole caboodle. You can effectively export and then re-import with no loss.

I was looking for the Download today to make a backup. Two things. First, having it under Preferences>General seems counterintuitive. One usually finds export in the same place as import. (Unless you are Google, in which case they don’t have export any more … except for the big hammer one. Lock-in is so fascist, don’t you think?)

Second, in looking for the export, I found the API and used it to export my feeds. Later after finding the Preferences>General>Download OPML, I see that it’s the same output. Excellent.

Thanks for exposing the API. It’s a nice piece of work. With a little JS harness, a user can do practically anything. I hope you can keep it open.

Yep, the API has been great. I also expose the OPML export in both the Account dialog and Preferences dialog, figuring folks would look in one of the two for it, as I do consider OPML export a very important piece of a full fledged reader.

I would pay. I have a large list of starred items (feedly) which I want to print out, in book form. Suggestions? Do I need a premium account? Also, is newsblur sharing services section secure? (I am very cautious of entering my google account and password anywhere)

If you really want to do this, I suggest you hire a programmer on odesk and ask them to take your starred stories out from the NewsBlur API (which should be trivial to do) and get it into a book format. I feel like some book publisher has an API that would allow this, you’d just have to have your programmer create a template for the starred stories to go into. Wouldn’t be that bad, but I don’t see this as a feature I’m going to be building, of course.

Where is the “download as OPML” option? Also, how does one become a premium user? There isn’t an option in the ipad app, nor can I see it on this site. Does the premium service allow me to see the import/export function?

You have to do both from the web app. Go to Manage > Upgrade. And Manage > Account > Download OPML.