Is it possible to customise the way in which newsletters are grouped?

I use Newsblur to read all my newsletter subscriptions. It works great, except when I subscribe to newsletters from the same publisher/website/source.

For example, I’m subscribed to many of The Guardian’s newsletters. Ideally, I would like to see them separately in Newsblur, instead they all appear under the same entry. I’m guessing that it’s because they are grouped according to the sender.

Is there the possibility to customize this behavior?

How would you distinguish between different senders? Just based on the title? I’m not sure how to separate newsletters based on anything but the sender.

Do you have a screenshot you can share with the overlapping newsletters?

@samuelclay I actually don’t know, and maybe there’s no good solution to this.

What I notice happening, though, is the following:

In the screenshot, I’m showing different newsletters from The Paris Review.
As you can see, the sender name is always different (Paris Review Redux, Paris Review Poetry, The Paris Review), but they are grouped together because the sender email is always the same.

The curious thing is that the name under which they are grouped together always changes, depending on the sender name of the latest email received.

So, back to your question: the title is probably not a feasible way, because it always changes. I guess that it would make sense to just rely on the sender name, rather than the sender email, so that even if the emails come from the same address, they still have a different name.

Does it make sense?