Is hacker news repeating the tip story for anyone else?

I’ve seen the headline with no text for the fired Applebee’s waitress about twelve times today. It shows up with new date/time, but it keeps coming back.

Is it just me?

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What’s the title of the story?

Ohh, you mean the Hacker News 50 feed, not the real Hacker News feed. Yeah, problem is from their side, and because there’s no text I can’t de-dupe it like I do for other articles that change their permalink/guids.

Ahh. Ok. I had no idea I wasn’t on the full feed, I added it as a suggestion.

So I added the full feed, and a new weirdness popped in.

If it’s in the 50 and the full feed, I can read through the Hackers News one, but if it’s in the Hackers News 50 feed when I hit ‘next unread’ on the iPad version, it pops up to the full feed version, and won’t mark the 50 as read.

Usually after that happens, in a random interval the app will crash.

If I try to delete the hacker news 50 feed after this happens, the iOS app just sits there with the little wheel thing ‘unsubscribing’ (sorry don’t have in front of me, can’t remember exact message). The app isn’t locked up, as I can hit the ‘back to higher level’ button and see my folders, but it never unsubscribes.

I don’t think it’s specific to hacker news feed, as I’ve tried to delete a feed before while reading at the ‘all folders’ level and the behavior is teh same. Usually I have to hit the computer/web browser and remove it from there.