Is Facebook Sharing broken?

Is the facebook share function broken? I can’t get it to work on the official NewsBlur site or my self hosted site.

NewsBlur proper says the “App not active”

my site says App not active: This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated.

The errors look different but are seemingly the same error. I kind of think its a problem with the Facebook App not having a correct permission or something. Has this feature ever worked? Any ideas on what to change to make it work?

Facebook turned off the NewsBlur app a couple weeks ago and I was wondering when somebody would notice. Thanks for posting this! I emailed them two weeks ago but never heard back. I’ll re-ping them now to re-enable the API access.

So if I wanna get it working on my local instance I need to bug them too? Did you do or add anything special to your “app”?

Hmm, I believe you’ll need to make your own facebook app for your local. I have two apps, one for prod and one for development. You can plug in your API key in

yea I did all that… and can “connect” to my facebook account… but can’t share things like I can with Twitter.

Just making sure I didn’t miss something in the Facebook API settings…