Is Apify the Best Scraper for Sites Without RSS?

NewsBlur is great but we need to build our own scraper for websites that don’t support RSS. Is Apify the best tool for this? Thanks for your suggestions.

I plan on supporting RSSHub soon as part of the NewsBlur Pro subscription, which will be $199/year.


I’ve built bespoke scrapers. I should update this list. The AWS release notes feed is the busiest. The far side one has caused the most (legal) annoyance. The tindie feeds are my fave.

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What about rssbridge?

With a little trial and error, I’ve found this hosted tool from FiveFilters very helpful:

What’s the status of NewsBlur Pro?

Not for a year at least, we just launched archive and it’s still rising.

With more and more sites not offering RSS or having a broken RSS feed and not caring, we had to find a solution. I wanted to let everyone know that we’re now using and it’s very impressive. It works better than some native RSS feeds. We have already replaced a problematic Feedburner feed with a custom one using has filters so you can even remove third party ads from a feed. The combination of NewsBlur’s ability to store all past articles and to create custom RSS feeds is unbeatable. I have no idea who owns the company but I think they’re based in New York.

Thanks for the Far Side one! Awesome!