iPhone app sync issue if connection lost

On the iPhone app, if you sync then lose phone connection while syncing, or even turn app off to do something else while syncing, then try to go into the app when there’s no service, it won’t show up any articles, even the ones that have synced and saved. For instance today I had it to the stage where it was storing images, then I lost connection (went into the London Underground). Later on the tube train I launched the app again and it wouldn’t show any articles as it was still trying to store images despite their being no phone service. The stories had already stored, but it wouldn’t show them. This isn’t a one off, it regularly happens if I don’t manage to complete a sync on the way to the Tube from home - which is annoying as I love reading my RSS feeds while commuting.


That’s weird. There is a single stage, the “Syncing Stories” stage, that wipes the index of stories and replaces it. But it does so atomically, so there’s never a chance that it drops the db before it has the necessary data to re-populate it with the latest unreads.

Do you know if you lose connectivity at a certain step every time? Even if it’s in the “Storing last X days/hours…” step?

Today it was when it said storing images for the past hour, but it might be at different stages

When I go into the app without any connection and I click an individual RSS feed it shows it as if it’s searching for a new feed update, despite the fact it has synced it recently.