iPhone app crashes on launch

Posting this as an FYI, since it typically self-resolves after a few minutes, but wanted you to be aware:

Every couple of days, the iPhone app will start to crash on launch. The “On Its Way” dialog appears for less than a second, and the app crashes. Relaunches don’t get past the “splash” screen–app just closes. If you “double click” the home button, app still seems to be running, but selecting it causes the behavior to repeat. Any other iPhone users experiencing this?

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The latest beta should resolve this issue (although it presents many others).

Thanks. In case it helps, I have determined one of the root causes on my end. On my phone, I have to log into the corporate WiFi connection each morning. I had forgotten to do that this morning, and once I did it the crashing stopped. Obviously it would be ideal if NewsBlur called the WiFi log-in screen (as other web apps do).

I had the iphone newsblue app crash on me today in a relatively similar way. I was walking into work and I’m pretty sure it was trying to switch from 3G to Wifi. The app crashed and all of my unread stories got marked as read (even on the web app). I don’t mind the crash much, but marking all of the stories as read is a big no no. I was bummed.