iPhone App beta (March 2013)

There’s a problem with rotating the iPhone while using the web browser (see attached image). When the browser is closed, but the phone is still rotated, NewsBlur gets confused as to what to display. In this case it’s showing different parts of three different news items at once.


Bug #2: Instapaper is broken for me.
The user/password request doesn’t work: after inputting correct user/password, link doesn’t get sent to Instapaper and Newsblur again requests user/password next time Instapaper is invoked (which fails again, etc.).

Bug #3: Multiple feed references to same story breaks “Next” button.
The old bug for this is fixed (Yay!) and the app no longer crashes when processing multiple feed references to the same story. But using the “Next” button doesn’t take me to the next story; it takes me to the second instance of the story and never beyond. That is, if there are two references to the same story, I can’t move beyond the second using the Next button, and if there are three references to the same story (e.g., From NYTimes, Friday March 29, in the Science, Global Home, and Most Emailed feeds, the article “Cost of Environmental Degradation in China is Growing”), starting at the third instance and hitting “Next” goes backwards to the second instance.

I know about #1 and #3. #1 sucks because I knew about the bug but spent a couple hours not making headway. It’s easy enough to get around. And #3 is also easy enough to get around, just swipe to the next story. I know they’re real bugs, but they aren’t easy to fix.

The second bug (Instapaper) is new to me. I’ll take a look.