iPad Nested Folder Weirdness

I have a lot of nested folders. For example, I have a top-level folder called “Gear” that has no feeds directly in it, but contains other folders (“Cigars,” “Pens,” “Watches,” etc.) which then contain feeds.

This works the way I expect on the web – I can click on “Gear” and see a combined feed of all the subfolders, or I can click on any of the indented subfolders under “Gear”.

On my Android phone, it’s less ideal. All of the subfolders display as peers to the top-level folders (i.e. they’re not nested), so I lose the combined “Gear” feed, but they display as “Gear > Cigars” and “Gear > Pens” etc.

But on my iPad, the display is a very bizarre combination of the two. The subfolders have the “Gear > Cigars” style of label, but they are shown indented (much like on the web version) but with no parent folder.

I’d love it if both iOS/iPadOS and Android displayed nested folders the way they are shown on the web.

Web version:


Android phone:


Looks like a bug, thanks for reporting it! Here’s the ticket if you’d like to follow progress:

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