Ipad mini layout

With android app you have three separate pages. Feed list, story titles and story. This works fine with relatively small screens.
Ipad app thinks I have massive screen so as default it tries to put everything side by side. Ipad mini is supposed to be used vertically like phone so that is no good.

“Column layout” as “full screen” setting changes that. You still have feed list as floater on the side but that I can live with if necessary.

What I cannot figure out is how to configure split between story titles and story panels. It’s always there. You can only move the split up and down but cannot get those to totally different pages as it worked in android (maybe also in ios for phones? don’t know). When reading one story (full screen) there is button to get to next one or button to get back to story titles.
Is there some setting that I have missed or is ipad mini just some in between model that does not work like I would like?

Hopefully I managed to explain my problem.