iPad issue with coming back to app after going to full mode safari

When coming back to Newsblur after clicking the Safari icon twice to go to the full safari app, there is a display glitch in Newsblur, a black bar appears on the right side of the screen
Have to go to the home screen and then back into the app to clear.

Tried deleting and reinstalling the app but issue persists.

We’re working on a rewrite of the layout system on iPad. It will certainly fix this issue as it springs from an unreliable system I wrote years ago. It’s actively being worked on and should launch by the end of May or June.

By the way, we should probably change the default, but do you want the story title thumbnail images on the left-hand side to be smaller? There’s a preference for image preview size in the settings cog in the top right of that story titles display.

Does not matter to me. I usually have the images off completely, the screenshot was right after I had reinstalled the app.