iPad - Issue with autoplay videos in Text mode

In the iOS app, I am having difficulty with feeds that have autoplay videos in the article. These get embedded into the story even when in "Text" mode. If I navigate to another article, the audio still plays. Sometimes the audio plays without a way to shut it off.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem with the Text mode but an article’s audio should ideally stop if you change to another article.

Ultimately, a band-aid for this might be a control to mute all audio in the Newsblur app, so if an app auto-plays video, I wouldn’t hear it anyway. (to see a video, I could click the link to view the actual site’s article page)

See video above for recording of the issue


The trick to clearing the scrolled page is to go one more page away. It’s built so that there are 3 pages loaded: the current page, previous, and next. But I keep the stories loaded because then its a seamless transition between stories.

If this happens, just move one more story away and it will stop. As for autoplay, I didn’t think that was possible on iOS, but if it’s happening there’s no good way to stop it.


I looked into this again and it seems that videos that autoplay will only autoplay if muted. Otherwise they require user interaction. I’m not sure why it would autoplay with sound.