iPad / iOS client not displaying subfolders

iOS app won’t display (nested 1 level) subfolders created from within the iOS app, haven’t seen any subfolders at all in the iOS app, though I still need to confirm.


I’ve also noticed that subfolders aren’t handled as expected by the app. I get to see those as first-level folders, each of them sharing the title of the actual first-level folder.

I’m not sure whether this piece of information could be relevant for solving the problem, but the first-level folder itself doesn’t contain any feeds, only the subfolders do.

Both the iOS and the Android app are affected by that.

They are shown, I just flattened out the structure. I use nested folders myself. What I did was change Blogs > Link Blogs to a single “Blogs — Link Blogs” folder at the top level.

Make sure you’re in All view, as well.

Ah, I couldn’t see that. My first-level folder has a very long title… I should fix that.