iPad: Full screen button doesn't work when story titles on bottom

Does anyone know where I can obtain the IPA of v10 of Newsblur? I’d like to downgrade my iPad/iPhone to v10

Been a long time user/subscriber… I can’t get v11 to work for me… It could be that I don’t “get it”, I’ve tried playing with the settings (auto, columns, full-screen, etc), but still can’t make it work for me… the layouts don’t make sense to me, the text runs off the page, all sorts of weird problems

I’d like to get v10 back on my main device (iPad) while I figure out the v11 settings on another device

It’s been a long time since I touched the preferences on the NewsBlur iPad app, so I don’t even remember what column layout I had selected, but I think I have the same issue that you have. I just noticed that when launching the app with two column layout, there is a third blank gray column on the right. Tapping on a story switches to two columns (headlines on left, selected story on right), and then when going back, it’s three columns again (sites on the left, stories in the middle, the previously selected story on the right).


Hi Luciano, I’d like to figure out what view you’re looking for. Because if we can’t get to it and it existed in the app previously, then we’ll build it.

Help me out here and please describe what you want the view to look like and what you tap to get there.

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Once I read @Todd_Clegg 's comment, I started re-experimenting… I think I’m understanding it better now

It would still be nice to get v10 back, if it would be easy to provide the IPA file… I could then better describe how I had it working, with the intent of asking for help in getting v11 similar to how I had it before

@samuelclay I definitely didn’t have @Luciano_Belotto’s luck, which is bitterly disappointing since I find the new interface, uh, not great.

All I want is a iPad landscape mode with the feed list on the left, an upper right window with the selected story (or none), and a lower right window with the stories in the selected feed. I don’t want the feed list flying in and out because who wants the distraction? And I don’t want the stories in the selected list to be the full width of the screen because wants to read a short preview across the full width of the screen when you can take in the same summary barely moving your eyes if it’s in a shorter space?

I can kinda sorta get this by selecting the three-column layout. This leaves me with the three windows I’d like, I can scroll through the stories, etc. But if I select a different feed, the list flies away again. I can get back the three-windows with the mark all as read button, bringing me back to the three windows. But then I have to select a new feed, and the list flies out again.

In fewer words, how do I make it stay like the attached image?

I am having similar issues with the upgrade and when I click through, I think to the in app browser, the story displays on the iPad the way it would on the phone instead of full screen like it used to do.

Aha found a solution. Went to preferences and changed my default browser to Safari and it is now all fixed.

This screenshot is easy to replicate, you just need to know to set a few of the view options, as shown here. Specifically two-column view and story titles on bottom.

@samuelclay Perfect - thanks!

One other question: how do I get it to stay like that? I’d rather the feed list not fly out when I go to a feed? You can see the selected settings and the missing feed list here.

From that screen, if I choose the 3-column or full screen setting, the feed list will push back in from the left and give me what I want, but as soon as I select another feed, it flies out again. Is there a way to just lock it and be done with it?

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100% this. How do I keep the panel from flying off screen!

Hit the full screen button in the top left of the story content view. That will bring the feed list back in permanently.

Ahh, I was able to get into a state where the full screen button didn’t work. So here’s the ticket, should be fixed soon:

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