iPad articles not marked as read

Hi Guys,

Love the app and the service, but have a small problem. When I read an article on my iPAD, they show up as read there successfully, but when I look at the website they are markedup as unread. Any suggestions?

This behaviour is fairly new–in the last couple of years at least.



Hi Jim, that’s not normal! Let’s figure out why. Is this when reading by a single feed or a folder? Can you reproduce it by having both open at the same time and seeing if the web app updates in real-time as you read on your iPad? It should with a yellow highlight.

Hi Sam,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by looking at a folder but I think I’m reading a single feed.

When I do as you suggest and have the web app open and read on the iPad it behaves exactly as expected (no yellow highlight tho’).

If I then close the web app and carry on reading, the articles I read do not then get marked as read in the web app.



What’s your username? I can check the logs and see what’s going on.




Is the feed a blurblog or is it a standard RSS feed?

Everything I’ve got is a standard RSS feed.

I really don’t know what’s going on. I see in the logs you’re reading by folder and the read stories are coming in. I did see a few unread story events, which means you are explicitly marking stories as unread. But I don’t know if that explains it. Are you marking stories as unread? And if you’re not doing it, maybe that’s a gesture you can disable so it doesn’t accidentally happen.

That could be it–and it’s well worth a try. I’m not marking stories as unread; what gesture would be doing that, and how can it be disabled?

It’s a swipe on a story title. Try it out, you might like it. Otherwise, disable those gestures in Settings.