iPad app not accepting pocket user Id and password

Was about to subscribe but hit this issue which is a significant one for me.

Using iPad app, both pocket and newsblur, try to add to pocket from the newsblur menu for a story. Type in my use rid and password - invalid user I’d/ password, try all caps etc combinations same wrong response.

Change password in pocket, double check by loggin in on the web from a separate machine, reboot the iPad, refresh pocket app, try new password - same issue.

Newsblur iPad app will not allow accept my pocket user Id and password, no issue on android different mechanism used.

Could this be fixed pls.


NewsBlur apps on both of my iOS devices, an iPad Mini and iPhone 5, are not accepting login information for Pocket when attempting to save a news article.

Saving to Instapaper works fine.

Although saving to Pocket may have worked with previous versions, it’s certainly not working properly now.


Success! I found the answer to the password issue…

Although Pocket allows symbols in passwords, NewsBlur for iOS does not. I opened Pocket, changed the password to one that does not include symbols, saved everything. I then attempted to save a news article to Pocket in the iOS app using the new password and it worked!

Life is good…