iPad app loses Safari view

I’m using the iOS Newsblur app v6.0.2 on a 12.9" iPad Pro running iOS 9.3.2 with the in app Safari view for reading stories.

If I ever switch apps to something else, when I switch back to Newsblur it has a snit fit that I dared to leave it and promptly forgets what I was doing and moves me back up 1 level.

If I was in a story in Safari, when I switch back, it pulls me out of the Safari view and then reloads the stories in the folder I was in, and since I was reading a story, it’s now marked as read and doesn’t show up in my view any more.

So, I’m boned and I can’t finish reading the story I was reading when something happened to make me leave the app for a period of time, whether it’s 5 seconds or 5 hours.,

If I was just in a folder view looking at stores but I hadn’t tapped on one to open it in the Safari view (but I was reading it in the preview pane), when I switch back I’m pulled back to the top level menu completely and – you guessed it – the story I was reading is no longer displayed because it’s been marked as read when I go back in the folder,.

This kinda sucks,

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