iPad app crashes all the time and cannot share to pocket

I am running newsblur 2.0 on an iPad 1st gen (iOS 5.1.1)
The app crashes alot. It seems random at times but here are some examples:
When I view a story with the external browser then later on try to mark the whole feed as read, it crashes.
When I try to share the story via email.
Sometimes when I try to view a folder of feeds, it crashes.

That’s about all I have noticed but the app crashes every time I sit down and go through my feeds. It probably crashes 5 or 6 times before I either give up or finally get through my feeds.

I am also unable to send feeds to pocket. When I try it tells me my username and password are invalid. I have checked to make sure I am entering it correctly and still the same error.

Also, I have the app on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3 and none of these problems occur.

Other than the issues listed above I am pleased with newsblur and when to see you guys stick around.


I can confirm these sporadic crashes on my iPad 1st gen. I have this problem since several months now also with the older NewsBlur app (version 1.x) so it’s not a new “bug”. Going “Back” on my iPad crashed almost every other time.

I think this is related to the iPad Version 1, because almost nobody uses this anymore. Maybe the app runs out of RAM or it’s an iOS 5 thing.

Originally, I don’t think anything other than iOS 6 was going to be supported. I think that changed somewhere along the lines…

I too have an iPad 1, and NewsBlur iOS app is a little unstable. It works, for a while and then crashes. It would be great if the NewsBlur app would continue to support iOS 5, or if not, perhaps the version that is out can be released open source or something to be tweaked for those of us still using the previous system.

Seeing this as well on a 1st gen iPad running 5.1.1, often when I try and mark stories as read.

Yeah, that seems to be when it crashes on my iPad 1 as well. And using the Website version of NewsBlur doesn’t work at all on my iPad.

Hopefully, it will get better at some point?

Agreed. This happens on my iPad 1 running 5.1.1. It makes the application un-usable.

If I get to the end of a feed and push “Done” it crashes.
Certain feeds and folders, going to the next story, it just crashes.

This somehow makes the Android app for my phone more usable as this no longer crashes like it used to, but still has errors.

Sorry to say but NewsBlur no longer supports iOS 5. I left in support just so you could continue using it, but the iOS app is now 6+.

I’m going to be removing iOS 5 support entirely in the next month when I ship offline, so you should either upgrade or never update the NewsBlur iOS app.

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Thanks for the response either way