iOS's support for Tags when saving stories.

I make judicious use of tags with my saved stories.  I tend to filter the stories I want to read on my phone and save them for later, but I still want some kind of grouping.  I’m really glad to see this feature is now fully supported on iOS, allowing default and custom tags to be applied.


Awesome, glad you like it! I use it too, and I’m very happy with how easy it is to tag saved stories now.

Hi there,

I’ve run into a problem with the iOS beta and the tagging setup: When saving a story, adding a new tag works well.

However, if you’ve got a long list of tags and click on the new tag “+” and add an existing tag, the app crashes. 

Steps to reproduce:

Click “Save” when reading a story.
Click “+” to add a new tag
Enter an existing tag and press enter
App crashes.

Hope this helps.