[iOS] Upgraded premium but still regular


I’ve renewed my premium service by iOS in app purchase, and almost 1 hour after im still regular.

My Nickname is : Callmeskippy

Thanks for the fix

Thanks for upgrading. I don’t know why it didn’t work automatically but I manually upgraded you and you should now be good.

@samuelclay, I’m having the same issue. Upgraded to premium on iOS but I still see my account as regular. I can see the subscription in my iOS settings.

Edit: my newsblur name is the same as my forum name

I manually upgraded your account, but I’m still at a loss for why that iOS receipt went nowhere. I have logging turned on to email me every time my server hears anything from Apple, and I see subscriptions going through regularly. So why it fails is anybody’s guess.

Thank you @samuelclay! I really appreciate it.

I remember that when I went through the premium subscription process through the app, the app crashed at the very end. I wasn’t even sure Apple registered the subscription but I do see it in my account. Hope that helps.