iOS Search Box Is Broken

A longstanding problem — search in the iOS app doesn’t work. You type one letter and NewsBlur kicks you out of the search box. You type another letter and get kicked out again. Etc.

Search is working fine for me, so let’s get to the bottom of this. Can you take a screenshot of it not working? I’m testing in both folders and feeds on my iPhone and it’s working as expected.

This is still broken and to be more clear the search box works on iPhone but is broken on iPad. I’ve attached a movie in which you can see how the app keeps kicking me out of the search box as I type.NewsBlur%20iPad%20Search

Let’s get that fixed! Here’s the ticket, should be fixed soon enough. Thanks for reporting it.

This is still broken. When can we expect the new version?

We’ve fixed it immediately but it was on top of a bunch of other changes that are nearing release. I hope it’ll be ready to go in a month but you’re absolutely right that I should have created a hot fix branch and released that separately. It’ll be out soon.