iOS Notifications Sorely Needed

With just about every app I have installed on my iOS devices offering notifications, it seem like a no-brainer that an app like NewsBlur should offer this service.  For me, a badge on NewsBlur’s app icon to indicat unread stories is sorely needed.

I have tried using IFTTT, but all it offers is notifications in Notification Center…useless for me.

Please consider adding this feature in a future update.  Thanks…

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What exactly do you want the badge for, and how would it work? NewsBlur does not check for feeds periodically in the background, nor does it offer push services, so it could not update the number without either: opening the app manually, wasting lots of battery life, or push notification services that would take a good bit of effort to build, and still hurt battery life.
As well, the fact that I have 655 unread does not tell me much, and would just clutter up the icon. And lock screen notifications would be really annoying.

Is there a particular feed that you want notification of? Do you only get 3 articles a day? It seems like information overload if it keeps telling you about new stories.

Actually, Newsblur does have background refresh… So while its not immediate, the counter badge is possible.

I’d totally be up for it, but what notifications would you want? An unread badge is certainly something I would entertain. Maybe adding up the total unread + focus (or just # of focus if you left it in that state).

But push notifications?

Push notifications for certain (selected by user) feeds would be awesome!