iOS Notification Titles being truncated

I’ve included 2 screenshots that show Inoreader, Twitter & NewsBlur. NewsBlur is the far superior notification since it’s telling you the Source, Title, plus an intro to the body copy. But the Title is being truncated. In many circumstances, that’s all anybody has time to read and it being cut-off makes that impossible. Is this something that can please be fixed ASAP? Thanks!

Can this be fixed? It’s incredibly annoying. I’ve stopped using NewsBlur’s notifications completely because of this. They’re 100% unusable in this state. Please tell me this problem can be fixed. Notifications are an absolute vital component of NewsBlur. Thank you.

I see those two screenshots and think that the NewsBlur notification is the best one. But I can see how you’d want to only have the full title.

Just launched a new preference for notifications to only include the full title instead of a short content preview.

Thanks for the screenshots, those made all the difference.

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AWESOME! You rock! The full Title alone should just be perfect! Rock on!