iOS: NewsBlur tap top of screen does not scroll to top on article

In iOS it’s a convention to “scroll to top” when tapping the top center of the screen. I seem to remember this functionality being present in the past, but I haven’t been able to do that on my device for several months at least. This works in the main screen and on the “All Stories” list, but it doesn’t appear to work when viewing an individual news item. Strangely, if you navigate to the actual website and click “done” this functionality works. It appears to be associated with the top bar that is hidden if you scroll down a bit. That top bar comes back when returning from the browser (I use built-in Safari) to the NewsBlur view.

I’m using the NewsBlur app version 10.0.1 on iOS 12.4.1. (If this is fixed in iOS 13, I’ll just upgrade)

This has to do with the introduction of full screen article reading - you can’t tap at the top in full screen mode to go to the top of the article. Not sure whether this is intentional. But if you want to turn it off, in Preferences > Reading Stories turn off the “Full screen” switch and it’ll go back to working.

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Thank you! That worked for me. I don’t need the “Full screen” view so this is great!

We’re adding a status bar to full screen reading because it’s been requested. That should re-enable tap to scroll to top even with full screen mode on. Should be out in a month or so.

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