iOS Mark Older/Newer as Read

Maybe I’m missing it somewhere, but is there a way in the iOS app to mark newer or older stories as read as there is in the web version? I’ve clicked the gear, clicked and held all over the stories, everything I can think of. Am I missing it, or is it not there?


The only thing there is for that kind of work is if you long-press on the feed title you can select mark read N days back. But that’s not quite the same thing. I’ll see if I can add it to the upcoming ios version.

Sounds great! Thanks for adding it…

Would be great if this was on long press with the following options appearing…

Mark Above as Read
Mark All as Read
Mark Below As Read

Would also love an option somewhere to enable auto mark as read on scroll.
I.e. As articles disappear off the top of the screen they are marked read

Many Thanks

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This would be a great addition.

Any updates on the progress of this feature? would love to ditch Reeder on iOS for Newsblur full time.

Any progress on this? The lack of this feature means I have to read feeds that have accumulated hundreds of items in one sitting. I just switched from Android to iOS and this is hurting.

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Any updates on this feature?

Yes, this is still a priority. I added it to the github issue tracker so that when I find time to work on iOS, this might make it in.

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Has this been deprioritized in favor of the “mark as read while scrolling” feature? Just asking because I still desperately want this functionality and the scrolling-read feature doesn’t work for me at all.

Congrats, you have good timing. Also, marking stories as read when scrolling past already launched.

My mistake, this launched last month. Long press on the side of the story title. We’re moving it so you long press anywhere on the story title to ease discoverability.

Oh wow, I totally didn’t know that was there. Awesome thanks for the tip. An alternative for placement could be long swipes on the story title. Long swipe to the left marks newer stories as read, Long swipe to the right marks older stories as read.