iOS in-app Safari sharing extension stability, missing title

The sharing extension experience seems to be different when invoked from the in-app Safari browser:

  1. The page title will not be included in e.g. the standard Twitter sharing extension
  2. The share dialog will often disappear after a second or two. This seems to happen on heavier sites (e.g. so perhaps it’s related to something like a network event callback?

Latest version of the iOS app on the latest iOS on an iPhone 6S+

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Umm, what? We haven’t launched the sharing extension. It’s in a separate branch but it isn’t released yet. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re describing?

Sorry for the confusion – I meant sharing things from within Newsblur itself. The behavior is different from the article view and the embedded Safari –……

The (existing) sharing behavior is in your first screenshot.  The 2nd screenshot is what you get when sharing from in-app Safari - it does include a URL reference, but it’s in a separate item so it shows up as a page preview on the right - but no title.

The changes I made last week (which haven’t been merged yet, will produce something a bit halfway between, when sharing from NewsBlur proper - you’ll still get the page title but with the URL as a reference rather than text, which will mean you’ll see a little page thumbnail.

Unfortunately, I think the behavior you’re seeing where the Twitter share extension doesn’t get a page title is a Safari View Controller bug, since the full version of Safari doesn’t behave the same way.  The in-app Safari that NewsBlur uses is a bit of a black box - we can’t control much if anything of what happens inside it.  Report a bug to Apple…

I couldn’t reproduce #2 but my guess is it may be an iOS bug as well.