IOS: from Safari to saved story in Newsblur


I’d like to be able to send a page i’m reading in Safari on IOS to newsblur.

Currently, when I “share” a page from Safari to Newsblur, it publishes it on my “blurblog”. If I share it, it’s directly displayed as “read” in Newsblur.


  • I wish to be able to add it to the “saved” list in Newsblur
  • Or if it’s easier, share it in the blurblog but show it as “Unread” in Newsblur so I know I still have to read it (I keep it 100% private).

Anyone else wish to send pages from Safari to Newsblur to read it later (and have everything in the same place) ?

Thank you,


This is planned! In fact, I’ve already built most of this feature but it’s not shipped because I’ve spent the last year trying o get Unhighlight Text to work and I can’t figure it out.

What I am planning to do instead is to hire a web developer to take on this work as well as other features.