iOS freeze & eventual crash scrolling river of news

Most of my Newsblur usage on iOS is scrolling the All Stories section of my feed, and more often in the last few months scrolling can get very slow and pause, and sometimes it freezes so I can’t interact with the app at all until it crashes and I have to reopen it.

The freeze+crash will happen at the same story in the feed, so if I close/reopen/force quit/reboot/whatever and scroll down All Stories to the culprit article, it will freeze/crash again. It doesn’t appear to be stories from any one particular feed, but when a Crashing Story does come into my timeline and it first appears at the bottom of my screen (where new stories scroll “up” from), that is when the feed crashes. I can scroll to the story above the Crashing Story just fine but as soon as I scroll down one more article…bam.

Using an original iPhone 6 Plus (with the paltry 1GB ram) on iOS 11.4.1

What’s your username and what can you tell me about the crashing story? I want to see this in action so I can debug it.

username is: fxer

Also just confirmed it happens on my iPad Mini 2 w/ iOS 11.4.1 (incidentally also 1gb ram, man my devices are old)

The current crashing feed is , When you scroll down about 8 posts to the story titled: The Kavanaugh farce, posted @ 12:24pm

This only seems to work within the All Stories pane, I can’t get it to happen from within the single Laywers-Guns-Money pane, nor can I get it to happen by scrolling the subfolder pane LGM is inside. Also I see it happen more often with Hacker News posts (they post a whole lot more stories than anyone else in my feeds, so perhaps that is why)

I say that story is the “problem” because it is the last one visible at the bottom of my screen before the app freezes. However via the web I marked the LGM story as read, and set All Stories to only display Unread. Now when I scroll back down to ~12:24pm in my timeline the app still freezes.

I assume this means a different story that is still offscreen is the real culprit causing the freezes

Give me a couple minutes here of marking read/unread and scrolling to see if I can find the exact story causing freezes

OK got it, it’s this post:

Titled: Elastic files for an IPO

off this feed:

It’s even slow to expand in the web interface, looks like it’s just a colossal amount of data from an SEC filing

I’ve definitely noticed the same issue the past few months. I think it’s mostly with larger entries, as it happens most often with one newsletter that has a habit of running in the 1MB range. One public story I saw a crash with was the most recent (August 7) post to which was also a really long post.

My workaround has been to load Newsblur in Safari to read the story that causes the problem, and then everything is fine in the app again.

I’m on an iphone 6 Plus. Was iOS 11 up until yesterday, haven’t run the app version today since it went to iOS 12.