IOS First two items in folder load empty body

This has been happening to me few a few months now, but it took a while to narrow down when it was happening and that it wasn’t something crazy I was doing. This only occurs on my Ipad, not on my android phone or in the web browser.

What happens is I’ll go into a folder to read unread posts. The first two entries that appear in the list will show the title, but when I click on them, the pane to the right stays empty. I don’t believe I have experienced this inside an individual feed, but it occurs across folders and in the “All Stories” feed.

I’ve found two ways to get the content to load. If the post is from a feed that has story view available, I can switch to story view and read the post. The second option, is that if I read the third and fourth stories in the list, I can go back to the first and second and they will then load. And it has to be at least two stories away. If I only read story #3, but not #4, I’ll be able to view #1, but not #2.

Any help is appreciated.

I also get this on my iphone 8, when i leave the app open, and then when I use my phone for something else (opening another app). However I don’t have the issue extend to the second story in the list, just to story number 1. Loading the next story and going back fixes it. I think it has to do with memory collection and the article content getting paged out. That means it’s basically a bug in the app itself.

You might be able to work around it by either force-killing the app (Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support - instructions are same for ipad, just depends on if you have a physical home button or not) when you’re done with newsblur or when you encounter the issue anew.

Unfortunately, my issue doesn’t seem related to using Newsblur somewhere else and coming back to IOS. And (force) closing the app doesn’t help either. Unless in the time the app was closed there are additional items published - then that would affect the specific items that do not load, but it would still be the most recent two articles.

This issue does not exist in the current beta version of the IOS app.

I’m seeing this problem, with the first two items being empty but only on the 11.0 TestFlight beta. When I switched back to the 10.0 stable it works as expected, i.e. every story loads normally.

This is a bug that’s seemed to get worse in the v11 beta currently on TestFlight, so it seems there’s some race condition that’s leading to this issue. We’re working hard to reproduce it and figure out how to fix it before release.

Here’s the ticket: