iOS app / WordPress feed interaction makes images huge

This has been an ongoing issue but I only just now caught a live one:

feed settings: (examine URL, the forum is chopping off the /feed/ ) , feed view. view:

The emoji are inline with text.

iOS app view:
The “emoji” are shown HUGE… except these are not emoji. They are actually getting translated into svg images on the backend, probably because of something Wordpress is doing presumably to preserve Unicode legibility???: e.g.
Relevant from the feed:
<img src="" alt="🔥" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

I don’t think it’s specific to this feed, I think I’ve seen it in e.g. Captain Awkward feed (again /feed/ has been trimmed but is in the URL) .

Anyway, if you asked me, a literally random person in the street, I would say that the style height 1em stuff isn’t getting properly processed on the iOS app side. I know nothing about any of that stuff though.

iphone 8
iOS: 14.4
newsblur app 10.1.1

Very nice writeup. This is now a ticket and will get worked on soon enough: