IOS App Unread Count

I would like to see an unread app count on the IOS app as you are reading stories. The only one on the web interface is in the title bar that appears in the header of the browser. I would like some way when I am reading through stories to know how many pages I have left. Easiest Suggestion is the Next Button to have a Count after it, although not sure how well this would work with 100+ unread stories.


It does! See that round progress indicator? That shows your unread progress. Tap it to reveal the count. I may have to expand that tap area a bit, but it’s already a bit bigger than the circle is.

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I never noticed that, I’d still prefer a count that’s visible and I cannot for the life of me click that circle. I came from byline with greader and it had a static count on the top bar that I was found of. The Circle is nice but hard to give you a feel for how long it will take you to get through the rest of your unread items.

I’ll be more specific, I would like a concrete always visible number somewhere in the interface, like in the title bar of the browser.

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