iOS app / TestFlight expiring soon


So the iOS app on the App Store is a year old, and definitely “dated”.

The TestFlight app is much better, but it expires in about a week. Any chance we could get an updated, even if it is just a re-publish of the current TestFlight build?

And I’m curious, will it be heading to public release any time soon? I’ve been holding off badgering a couple friends to try NewsBlur since they’re too cheap to buy Reeder, but I’d rather they get the updated app.


There’s a few showstopping bugs that’s preventing us from releasing the iOS app. David, our iOS developer, has also been on vacation for the past month and a half and likely will into December. I’ll see if I can get a new TestFlight build up soon.

Totally fair.

I mostly use Reeder myself anyway, at least on a day to day basis, but I do jump into the NewsBlur app for some things. Especially whenever there is a new beta out.

The TestFlight build expired today. Any updates? Should folks install the most recent AppStore version?


It’s not ready yet so I’ll have to try to publish the beta again tomorrow.

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Thanks for the update and really appreciate it.

Woohoo, it’s alive! Thanks!