iOS App - Stories Initially load in incorrect folder


I’ve actually had this issue with all versions of the news blur apps, including the one released today. If I open the news blur app and there’s a lot of unread stories in there (say, more than 50 total - just a guess), more often than not, a couple of the feeds show up in the wrong folder. If I don’t notice and open up the folder to read the contained stores, it just cruises along hitting next unread until it gets to the one that should be in a different folder, at which point the app just hangs. If I back out to the main view, and then reload, it moves the feed to the correct folder, but it marks the story I had tried to read as read.

If I do notice that some feeds are not in the correct folders, I can just reload and it works fine.

I couldn’t find anybody else reporting this problem on get satisfaction, so apologies if this is a duplicate problem report.

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It looks like a duplicate of… however you do include more information than my earlier report. Every time I notice this happens I refresh the folders and/or use the All Stories so never tried to go the stories in the wrong folders.