Ios app: "Share" sheet -> Copy only pastes title, not URL, in signal but not other apps

This is weird but I don’t know if it’s a Signal issue or a Newsblur issue.

Open a story in newsblur.
Tap the “Share” (box + arrow, not newsblur native) floater.
In the ios Share Sheet function, tap “Copy”.
Open Messages, select a contact, hit “Paste”.
You see title + URL.
Open Signal, select a contact, hit “Paste”
You only see title. No URL.

ios 14.1 (but also 14.0), latest newsblur version, latest signal version
This was broken at some point in the past, but then worked again. , but then broke again somewhat recently (past year or so, idk)

Seems like the issue is in the Signal app, because the title and url are both being copied when I checked, so Signal needs to use both parts.