iOS app crashes constantly

I use an iPhone 8 Plus and have noticed a severe crashing issue that actually has persisted for quite some time now. My iOS version is up to date but this has persisted throughout several different iOS versions by now. I would say the issue has gone on for a year or so.

When the issue occurs, the app just stops, but if I double-press the home button the app is still shown as running (although it only shows a black screen on the app).

Typically the crash will happen most often in one of these scenarios:

  • When opening the app
  • When opening the app again (without force-closing)
  • When looking at my Saved Stories feed (This is the most common issue and is the most aggravating)
    • This causes me to suspect an issue with a saved story, and I’ve been cleaning the list out fairly aggressively. However it still sits around 270 saved stories. I don’t know what is considered a high-water mark for most users…
  • When returning to NewsBlur from another app (e.g. after opening a link from NewsBlur to an external browser; currently configured as Brave but confirmed that this happens likewise using Edge or Chrome).

:face_with_head_bandage: please help!

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We’ve got a full featured TestFlight beta out and it’s been great, but there’s still a few small issues we’re working through. I’m prioritizing it for this month, but you can get on TestFlight today and have a better experience.

Hi @samuelclay , thank you!

I installed the beta and it looks really clean, I noticed an immediate performance improvement!

Sadly, I also still noticed the crash. I was prompted to send the details which I did.

Please let me know if there is additional information I can offer or other testing I can help with.