iOS app crashes constantly

I use an iPhone 8 Plus and have noticed a severe crashing issue that actually has persisted for quite some time now. My iOS version is up to date but this has persisted throughout several different iOS versions by now. I would say the issue has gone on for a year or so.

When the issue occurs, the app just stops, but if I double-press the home button the app is still shown as running (although it only shows a black screen on the app).

Typically the crash will happen most often in one of these scenarios:

  • When opening the app
  • When opening the app again (without force-closing)
  • When looking at my Saved Stories feed (This is the most common issue and is the most aggravating)
    • This causes me to suspect an issue with a saved story, and I’ve been cleaning the list out fairly aggressively. However it still sits around 270 saved stories. I don’t know what is considered a high-water mark for most users…
  • When returning to NewsBlur from another app (e.g. after opening a link from NewsBlur to an external browser; currently configured as Brave but confirmed that this happens likewise using Edge or Chrome).

:face_with_head_bandage: please help!

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We’ve got a full featured TestFlight beta out and it’s been great, but there’s still a few small issues we’re working through. I’m prioritizing it for this month, but you can get on TestFlight today and have a better experience.

Hi @samuelclay , thank you!

I installed the beta and it looks really clean, I noticed an immediate performance improvement!

Sadly, I also still noticed the crash. I was prompted to send the details which I did.

Please let me know if there is additional information I can offer or other testing I can help with.

I am also seeing constant crashes with the Newsblur iOS App.

At the moment they tend to happen when I do this:

() go to Shared stories
) read a story
(*) go back

Note that I’m on a long-latency connection (frequently > 200ms), so this is probably some kind of
asynchronous loading crash issue.

I’m also seeing issues where opening a story will never display that story, but then clicking the “show web view” works fine. Again, probably some asynchronous thing.

We’ve fixed every crash we’ve seen on the TestFlight, so if you registered the crash there then we’ll fix it. We also just put a release out last week with fixes for all the crashes we could find.

So let me ask you, @noelgrandin, are you on the latest TestFlight build and are you able to submit the crash?

How do I get on a TestFlight build and how do I submit?

I linked to it above, and you’ll automatically submit crashes as they happen.

Awesome, the beta is working nicely thanks

Do you need any details on crashes as they occur, or is the automation sufficient?